Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Million Little Pieces of Shit

Sometimes it is very cool to be right. Other times, it makes you reach for a bottle...

When I spewed my little rant about books (just a couple below this one), I really was just having one of those days. Don't you have days like that too? My anger there was fueled by my unfulfilled desire to have books be truthful and helpful and valuable. That desire is only the superficial manifestation of my true desire, which is that everything everyone in authority has ever said was true and not a steaming pile of crap. Alas, it seems my fear that far too many books are nothing but self-indulgent fertilizer is true. This guy's book is not only a best-seller, it seems that Oprah liked it too. My unfortunate quip regarding Oprah's Book Club doesn't seem quite as edgy as the first time I typed it. But, sometimes you don't have to make things up to prove your point. I wish James Frey knew that before he wrote "A Million Little Pieces" and inspired thousands of people suffering from addictions. God help him when Oprah gets ahold of his sorry ass.

Read the Expose at The Smoking Gun"

I hope they are wrong. We've got enough issues with credibility in this country.


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