Friday, January 06, 2006

Sticker Shock

The new math is still totally lost on me.

I think we all can agree that (in spite of inflation and how much bread cost when you were a kid) a $20 bill is worth somewhere around $20. I think we also can agree that a quarter-sized sticker is probably worth 1 cent. But, to be kind and all, we'll spring for union-rate manufacturing costs and bump it up to a nickel. So, if I were to affix said sticker to the previously mentioned $20 bill, I think that we could agree that the total value of the new creation would be under $25. But, when you add the U.S. government to the mix, you get something quite remarkable:

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I really don't need anyone to explain to me why this bill will probably sell for $20,000 at an upcoming auction. What I need to know is: Why will this bill likely sell for $20,000 at an upcoming auction? I just need to know before I choose to shake my head, throw in the towel and walk around in footie-pajamas for the rest of my life. What the hell is wrong with us?


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